Franklin County, Missouri
Amateur Radio Emergency Service


Monthly Meeting: We meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm.  We meet  at the Union Scenic Regional Library located at 251 Union Plaza Drive (near Pasta House at the intersection of Independence and Hwy 47).

Some months we may meet at other locations around the county.  Changes will be posted in advance on this web site and announced on the weekly net.

Next Meeting: Topic TBD

Weekly Radio Net:

    The Franklin County ARES net meets at 8 pm every Monday evening on the Zero Beaters Amateur Radio Club’s WA0FYA repeater (147.24 +, PL 141.3; alternate 147.180, no tones) located in Washington.  All licensed radio operators are welcome to check in, ARES member or not.  Have a pencil and paper handy and be prepared to copy a formal NTS radiogram - most weeks one will be transmitted to give listeners practice in copying traffic.  Approximately once a month, there will be a training exercise during the net; check this page for updates.  NOTE: Net will NOT be held if severe weather is in the area; please join the weather net instead!

Check in procedure: 

    When Net Control calls for stations to check in, you first key your mic and call “net control” or the call sign of ARES, KD0QQU, then un-key.  Listen for a second or so to make sure you haven’t doubled with another station.  Hearing nothing, re-key and give your call sign slowly and clearly, and indicate if you have traffic for the net.  If you have doubled with someone, allow their check-in to complete before trying again.

An Example:

    [Net Control]: “I will now take check-ins from stations in the Union area; stations in the Union are,  please call now”

    [You] “KD0QQU” <unkey and listen> “This is Kilo Charlie Zero Oscar Oscar Hotel,  Joe, no traffic”

Following this procedure will ensure an orderly check-in and protect the net control operator’s sanity!

    Many thanks to ZBARC for the use of their repeaters!


Simplex Net

    We hold a simplex net on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  These operate the same as the regular net, except operators need to listen for all stations attempting to check in so they can relay to the net control station if NCS is not hearing them (same as happens on a HF net).  The net will be called on       147.405 simplex, PL 100.0 Hz.  If that frequency is in use, the net will be called on 145.700 (PL 100.0).  We have had great participation so far!


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