Franklin County, Missouri
Amateur Radio Emergency Service


Digital Operations Using the Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software (NBEMS)

We are in the process of getting interested members set up for NBEMS.  This suite of programs (FLDIGI, FLWRAP, FLMSG) is free and makes sending digital messages in various formats very easy.  You can get more information and download the programs at

Instructions for installing FLDIGI  for NBEMS in Windows can be found here.  These do not include setting up the program to communicate with a sound card interface or rig because there are just too many combinations of equipment possible to cover even a few.  One of the first steps, though, is to figure out which COM port your interface or rig CAT is hooked to, and be sure the rig and COM port are set on the same baud rate. The best bet is to carefully read and follow the setup instructions that (hopefully) came with your interface.  If you get really stumped, contact the EC for help or get on the digital or voice net and ask for help.  Good luck, and we hope to see you on the air soon!

We are now holding a digital net on the first Tuesday of each month on the 147.180 (+) repeater.  This net is coordinated by voice, with messages sent digitally.  We will start out using MT63-2000, long interleave, but may explore other modes.  Please join in if you have the equipment, or listen in if you don't.  You are welcome to ask questions, too - part of the purpose of the net is to test equipment and help troubleshoot when problems arise.


Packet Operations


Franklin County ARES is operating Packet radio on the frequency of 145.070.

There are a few options to use packet.  One, of course, is having a Terminal Node Controller (TNC) connected to your radio and either a computer or a "dumb" terminal.

Another option is using a computer sound card, like a SignaLink or RigBlaster and computer software to act as the TNC.  The best luck we have had is using the AGW Express Interface. It can be downloaded at:


Also, a terminal program such as AGW Term, downloaded at:


A program that is used to send and receive messages is the OutPost Packet Message Manager, this program is set up just like a regular email format and downloaded at:


Outpost can also be set up to send Excel files.


Currently we have the following Packet Bulletin Boards and Digipeaters:

At Mercy hospital in Washington:

    KDQQU-1    PBBS

    KDQQU-2    Digipeater  


    KDQQU-5    Node 

    MERCYW       Digipeater


Just east of Washington:

    NBBD-1     Personal BBS

West of Union:

    UNMAIL       PBBS

    UNMO          Node

    KDNZG-6  Digipeater

Sullivan Area:

     KC0DBS-3  Node

And more being added in the future.


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