Franklin County, Missouri
Amateur Radio Emergency Service


(This document with the application can be downloaded as a PDF or MSWORD 97-2003 file here)

Franklin County ARES Member Tier Policy

Instituted: May 1, 2012


In order to better serve organizations within the community, Franklin County ARES (FCARES) uses a tiered membership method to properly match the members of FCARES with the needs of served agencies.


All members are of FCARES will be placed into one of the designated tiers, aligning them with the needs of the served agencies.  Served agencies may have requirements beyond those presented in this policy and FCARES will attempt to work with them to provide members who will meet those unique needs.



The tiered membership program will consist of 3 tiers.  They are associate member, Level 2, and Level 1 membership.  The discretion to decide the tier assignment for each member lies solely with the FCARES Emergency Coordinator, as registered with Missouri ARES.  The Assistant Emergency Coordinator/s as well as the Emergency Coordinator will review each applicant.  The Emergency Coordinator will take recommendations from the appointed assistant/s and make the final determination. 

Application Process:

Each person interested in becoming a member of FCARES must submit an application.  That person will be considered for membership and, if accepted, placed in the Associate Membership tier.

Tier Upgrade Application:

Members looking to upgrade their tier status will submit an application for tier consideration.  The application will be reviewed by the Assistant Emergency Coordinator/s and the Emergency Coordinator.  Each member will be reviewed independently and may submit a written statement for any comments that they have regarding any information that they deem pertinent to the selection process.  The Emergency Coordinator will make the final assignment and has no obligation to provide reason or explanation for the tier assignment. 

Membership Tiers:

Associate membership:

    • This is the basic member and it is open to all who meet requirements within this category
    • ICS courses encouraged but not required
    • No background check
    • Must attend at least 1 meeting every year
    • If a licensed radio operator, must check into a FCARES net at least twice every 6 months.
    • ARRL ARES member card issued by FCARES.
    • Eligible to participate in nets, submit reports, participate in on-the-air drills, and attend meetings
    • Ineligible to participate in public events or service representing FCARES
  • Level II membership:
    • Must have completed ICS 100 and 700 (minimum)
    • Basic criminal background check of public records required
    • Subject to volunteer agreement(s) such as that with FCEMA and/or other served agencies
    • May participate in public events and service, but will not be deployed to ‘secure’ areas
    • Required to attend at least 1 meeting, and radio operators are required to check into a FCARES net at least twice, every six months
    • Level 2 identification issued

 Level I membership:

    • As above, and additionally:
    • Must be a licensed radio operator
    • Must have completed ICS 100, 200, 700, 800, 802b
    • Extensive criminal background check
    • Level 1 identification issued
    • Qualify as a volunteer to serve in a secure area for a served agency of Emergency Coordinator’s choice (i.e., Franklin County Emergency Management Agency).
    • Must serve as net control at least once every 6 months
    • Must pass official (or practice) traffic once every 6 months
  • Other qualifying and disqualifying factors may exist which are not listed above and may be considered by the Emergency Coordinator and Assistant Emergency Coordinator/s.

Those who do not agree to a check of public records are ineligible for category 1 and 2. 

Proof of completion of FEMA courses is required; a transcript, confirmation emails, or copies of certificates should be sent or given to the Emergency Coordinator as courses are completed.

Removal from FCARES or Demotion from tiers:

The Emergency Coordinator has the authority to demote members from one tier to another or remove members from FCARES at his or her discretion.  A review will be conducted by the Emergency Coordinator and the Assistant Emergency Coordinator/s for the process.  If this happens, all equipment, identification cards, or any other items issued to the individual being demoted or removed must be turned in to the Emergency Coordinator or designee. 


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